Homeschool burnout

Homeschool burnout

 Homeschool burnout

When a parent takes on the responsibility of educating his or her

child, homeschool burnout is one of the more common issues they 

have to deal with. There are many reasons that lead to this 

burnout: an illness, a new baby, added responsibility, change in 

routine etc.

The symptoms of burnout vary from lack of patience to overeating 

and crying without any apparent reasons. Surprisingly, a burnout 

need not be such a bad thing. It is a wake-up call - an indicator 

that things are not going well and that you need to reschedule. 

Reversing or avoiding a burnout is possible if you get fair 


Firstly, lower your expectations. Do not be a perfectionist. Take 

the good days with the bad. Next, when something does not seem to 

work, look for alternative methods. Flexibility is a key 

factor. If tension starts mounting, take a break. When necessary, 

change the style of teaching. For instance, small children love to 

take on their spellings when they quiz an adult. 

Avoid overkill. Do not pack too many activities for the sake of 

socializing your child. A worn out mom means a grouchy kid and 

that means no happiness. Get support from your spouse or a 

neighbor or a support group. Don't try to achieve everything by 

yourself. Homeschooling means 'happy schooling' - don't forget 


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